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Next SIBT, SSHT and Parking China take place in 2024

Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology (SIBT), Shanghai Smart Home Technology (SSHT), Parking China (PKC) and the Shanghai Smart Office Technology zone will be held from 3 – 5 September 2024 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Apart from the four major themes, the fairs also embrace the innovative technology and products in the fields of smart real estate, smart communities, elderly health care, smart hotel, smart education and facility management. To collectively create a better future, SIBT actively encourages the cooperation among the relevant cross-industries. Welcome to pay a visit at the exhibition space of the smart and technology integration. Please find more details about exhibitors and visitors. 

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Recognising the strong momentum of China’s smart home market, industry giants will be invited to bring more new products and technologies. Concurrently held with the Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology, Shanghai Smart Home Technology emphasises on the support to the highly demanded and fast growing smart home technology in China.

Shanghai Smart Home Technology positions as a comprehensive platform for smart home technologies, focuses mainly on technical integration, fosters cross-sector business collaboration and encourages industry players to innovate. The 2024 show will be held on 3 – 5 September and gathers renowned exhibitors to display an array of smart home communication, hardware connecting and voice recognition technologies. They will be awaiting for you!

Participants' comments

This is our seventh time exhibiting at SIBT, and we can sense the enthusiasm of people who have been eagerly awaiting the return of this influential event for the smart building industry for three years. The fair's content has consistently been aligned with industry trends, and visitors attend with clear sourcing targets. We have noticed a significant increase in interest for smart solutions in elderly care, hotels, and hospitals. This shift clearly demonstrates the growing acceptance of smart solutions.

This year’s fair experienced a significant influx of visitors, including our suppliers, end users and clients. The fair brings together sectors such as smart building, home, office and parking, which are closely intertwined with urban development. It serves as a premium platform that connects the needs and solutions of multiple parties, fostering connections between suppliers and buyers.

We have been exhibiting at SSHT for a long time. There are many intelligent building-related fairs across the country, but SSHT is the most significant. The fair brings us lots of high-quality buyers with many of them being distributors, therefore we are happy to participate at the fair for many years to come. This year, we mainly displayed a high-end living room theatre system, meeting the demand of the new middle class for a more refined entertainment experience, and many clients are very enthusiastic about it.

Technologies such as touchless services, AI voice generators and robot delivery have been developing rapidly in the past few years, and smart hotels will be an important trend for the upgrade and transformation of hotels in the future. Our main purpose in attending the fair was to connect with companies in the upstream supply chain that are involved in smart hotels, as well as smart cultural tourism. This year’s edition of the fair boasts a diverse range of exhibitors, showcasing solutions for intelligent building, parking, smart home, digitalisation and smart hotels.

Our company is a distributor of security systems, and this is my first time visiting SIBT and SSHT. We have come to the fair to explore new security and telecommunication products, technologies, and brands, with the goal of introducing more excellent products to our country’s market. I have discovered several new companies here at the fair, and we plan to follow up with them afterwards.

This is our tenth time attending the fair, and it is the most important show for us in China because its content and audience align perfectly with our expertise and goals. We have decided to host a seminar to expand our marketing coverage and educate audiences about the importance of considering long-term costs and sustainability.

We are a contractor for office construction, interior decoration, and hotel renovation. We travelled to Shanghai for visiting the fair and attending the OffiSmart Shanghai Smart Office and Workplace Management Summit. Among the presentations, the topics that impressed me the most were smart cities and the reuse of old spaces for renovation. The building industry continues to move towards greater use of smart technology. Thus, it becomes essential for us to attend these kinds of events in order to stay informed and expand our knowledge.

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